Raghavan Charudattan

Raghavan Charudattan, Ph.D.


Discipline Specialization

Biological Control of Weeds with Plant Pathogens

Raghavan "Charu" Charudattan is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in his field, biological control of weeds. He has built a unique, strong, and productive program of research, graduate education, and international cooperation. He is known for his research contributions to the field of biological control; pioneering studies on the etiology, epidemiology, and host-parasite relationships of diseases of aquatic plants; promotion of the practice of integrated control of weeds; advocacy of the science of biocontrol, and editorship of a respected, multidisciplinary journal, Biological Control.

He has built one of the largest and well-supported bioherbicide programs in the world. He has been a leading proponent of the use of bioherbicides (plant pathogens used as inundative biocontrol agents) as a supplement to the conventional weed management methods. He has played an influential role, nationally and internationally, in transforming biocontrol of weeds by using pathogens, an erstwhile subject of mere scientific curiosity, into one of practical reality. The topic of bioherbicides is now routinely included in text books and special treatises on pest control. It is a favorite topic for high school science projects alongside such popular subjects as computer science, electronics, biomedicine, and others. Weed control with bioherbicides is now regarded as a practical alternative to chemical herbicides by regulatory and granting agencies in North America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa. In this regard, Dr. Charudattan’s contributions and leadership have helped to set national priorities on research and regulation of biological control.


  • PLP 3151 Biocontrol of Plant Diseases and Weeds and PLP 5155 Microbiological Control of Plant Diseases and Weeds
  • PLP 6921 Plant Pathology Colloquium and PLP 6932 Plant Pathology Seminar

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