Our modules are aligned to Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core State Standards.
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Module 1: Silent Invaders

Defines native versus non-native plants and why some are considered to be invasive.
Elementary | Middle | High


Module 2: A Fish Tale

Illustrates the ecological role native plants provide in aquatic ecosystems and the problems/impacts caused by invasive, non-native plants.
Elementary | Middle | High


Module 3: Why Manage Invasive Plants?

Explains why we need to manage invasive plants and the challenges plant managers face on a daily basis.
Elementary | Middle | High


Module 4: Viva la Difference!

Provides an introduction to the biological productivity of Florida lakes (aka trophic state), and the characteristics that make them so unique–especially the abundance of aquatic plants.
Elementary | Middle | High


Lakeville – A Natural Resource Management Activity

Lakeville is a multi-disciplinary unit about ecosystems, natural resource management (i.e., invasive species), and civic responsibility.
Elementary | Middle | High