Module 1: Silent Invaders

High School Level


Module 1 begins with a humorous 25-minute audio-visual presentation (Silent Invaders) about basic classification concepts related to Florida plant life (aquatic vs. terrestrial plants; emersed, submersed, floating, and floating-leaved; native, non-native and invasive). Students become familiar with these terms along with impacts invasive plant species are having on our freshwater habitats, natural areas, and neighborhoods. Big Ideas include species migration, adaption/extinction, empirical evidence, environmental changes, and human impacts.


  • Classify plants using a variety of criteria (aquatic vs terrestrial plants; emersed, floating, floating-leaved, submersed; native vs. non-native vs. invasive)
  • Learn techniques for recognizing and/or identifying plants
  • Understand the difference between native, non-native, and invasive plants
  • Identify environmental and economic impacts of invasive species
  • Identify positive actions we can take to help prevent invasive plant introductions in our own backyards and neighborhoods

Lesson Plans & Activities

Introductory Materials

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Native, Non-Native, Invasive; Emersed, Floating-Leaved, Free-Floating, Submersed
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