Module 1: Silent Invaders (National Version)


Silent Invaders (National Version) is a 16-minute video presentation that provides a basic introduction to invasive plants, along with the key concepts of aquatic versus terrestrial and also native, non-native and invasive plant species. Students will learn how some invasive plants spread, and how they are impacting our waterways, lakes, rivers, wetlands and natural areas such as parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands. The lesson ends with positive actions we can all take to help prevent the spread of invasive plants in our own neighborhoods.


  • Identify differences between aquatic and terrestrial plants.
  • Describe the differences between native, non-native and invasive plants.
  • Identify economic and ecological impacts of invasive plants.
  • Explain positive actions students can take to help prevent invasive plant problems.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Introductory Materials

Activity Booklet: Understanding Invasive Aquatic Plants – National Version (PDF)
Brought to you by the Aquatic Plant Management Society


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