Next Generation Sunshine State Standards

To facilitate use in the classroom, the Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative has provided a list of Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science and Social Studies and Common Core/Florida State Standards for English Language Arts with all of our curricula. Suggested Standards are located at the end of each answer key and/or teacher guide.

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards are broad statements that describe the knowledge or ability that a student should be able to demonstrate by the end of every grade level from first through twelfth grade. (FL DOE) These standards are assessed by student performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and were adopted between 2007 and 2010 by the Florida Department of Education. Standards are subdivided into Big Ideas, Strands, and Benchmarks which group together and identify the specific skills and knowledge students are expected to learn.

Common Core State Standards

In response to a national initiative to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what American students are expected to learn, Florida schools will be transitioning from NGSSS to Common Core State Standards over the next few years (SEE BELOW). We will be re-aligning our activities accordingly. All Modules are aligned to Language Arts Common Core State Standards and will be aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (the Common Core Science Standards) when they are available from the Florida Department of Education. We will leave all NGSSS standards in place during the transition (including language arts and math, as well as social science and science).

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Transitioning from NGSSS to CCSS

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