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Plant Camp is a 5-day teacher workshop designed for teachers (upper elementary, middle, and high school) and informal educators interested in learning more about the 130-plus invasive plant species invading Florida’s natural areas and neighborhoods, as well as the native flora and fauna that make our state so unique. Hands-on field and lab experiences will strengthen background knowledge and confidence for teaching this subject, while also providing 32 hours of professional development credit. Plant Camp graduates return to their classrooms with an abundance of activities and resource materials. There is no cost for the workshop, and lodging and most meals are included.

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Collaborative Curriculum Design (CCD) Workshop

The Collaborative Curriculum Design (CCD) Workshop is designed to take your existing ecology or biology lessons and adapt them to include student experiences with authentic science research around invasive species. By authentic science research, we mean lessons that include student development of and systematic investigation of research questions in a manner similar to that of professional scientists. By pairing a teacher with Plant Camp experience with one from the same district without, we hope to create collaborations to support teachers in implementing the lessons and assessments designed during the professional development in their classrooms. The workshop will include introduction to ongoing UF invasive species ecology research and time to redesign lessons in consultation with UF scientists and education experts.

For this workshop, applications will be accepted from HIGH school classroom teachers. Participants MUST apply in pairs. One participant per pair MUST be a former UF/IFAS CAIP Plant Camp graduate and one participant should have never attended Plant Camp. Each pair should teach in the same school district, preferably at the same school.

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Lakeville – Free Workshop for Educators

The Lakeville: A Natural Resource Management Activity workshop provides hands-on training for educators to learn all components of the Lakeville activity, from initial preparation through assessment.

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