Proceedings of Grass Carp Conferences, 1979 and 1994

1994 Proceedings

Edited by William T. Haller, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, UF/IFAS, 1994.

Complete 1994 Proceedings (11 MB)


by J. L. Decell

Throughout the United States, the use of the white amur (grass carp) has historically caused varying degrees of controversy, depending on the nature and location of the problem, the level of environmental sensitivity, policies, and politics.

A symposium was held in Gainesville on March 7-9, 1994 to discuss the effects of stocking grass carp for aquatic plant control. The purpose of the workshop was to provide information related to the concern for habitat protection and the suitability of using grass carp for aquatic plant control in large lakes.

1979 Proceedings

Edited by Jerome V. Shireman, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, UF/IFAS, 1979.

Complete 1979 Proceedings (PDF 9 MB)


This symposium was organized to bring researchers from various parts of the world together to discuss the role of grass carp as a weed control organism. The papers contained in these proceedings should provide valuable information and insight into future research needs.