You Can Help!

After boating, always take a few minutes to remove plant matter from your boat, bilge and trailer (or other outdoor equipment). Some invasive aquatic plants are able to reproduce and grow from plant fragments—even from a small piece of a leaf or stem.

We can be part of the solution by following these easy steps:

  • Learn to identify which plants are invasive in your area so you can report them and/or avoid transporting them. (For plant identification and information, see Plant Info and Images at the UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants and see EDDMapS for reporting invasive plants and animals.)
  • Practice good stewardship: never transport Florida’s aquatic, wetland or upland plants to other areas.
  • Never empty an aquarium into a body of water, canal or even a drainage ditch.
  • Avoid chopping aquatic plants with boat propellers as some plant fragments can grow into new infestations.
  • Remove plant matter from boats/trailers and other outdoor equipment after use.
  • When disposing of invasive plants, completely dry or freeze them and put in the trash (not the compost).