Nonindigenous Aquatic & Terrestrial Species

Status, Pathway and Time of Introduction, Present Distribution, and Significant Ecological and Economic Effects

This report was compiled in 1995 by Dr. James McCann, et al, shortly before his retirement from the Southeastern Biological Science Center (SBSC). As the SBSC was unable to publish the report due to budget cuts, and we recognized the value of it, we obtained permission to publish it from the SBSC Director. The full report is available in PDF format here. It is 267 pages long.

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James A. McCann
Lori N. Arkin
James D. Williams

National Biological Service
Southeastern Biological Science Center
7920 N.W. 71st Street
Gainesville, Florida 32653


United States Department of the Interior


November 28, 1995

To: Victor Ramey, IFAS, University of Florida
From: Center Director, SBSC
Subject: Publication of McCann report on Aquatic Nonindigenous Species of Florida

Dr. McCann has prepared a very good compilation of information on aquatic nonindigenous species of Florida. The Florida report has gone through an in house peer review process for publication. Due to budget cuts we will not be able to publish it in house. Anyone who can publish this is free to do so.