Aquatic soda apple

Quick Facts


Scientific name Solanum tampicense
Origin Mexico, West Indies
Introduction 1970s, natural colonization (?)
Aquatic community Emergent
Habitat Shorelines, wet soils
Distribution Central Florida
Management effort Eradication
2017 public waters / plant acres 2 / 10
2017 Waters / acres controlled 1 / 14
Solanum tampicenseSolanum tampicense

Management Options

Biological None available
Chemical Glyphosate, 2,4-D, triclopyr
Mechanical Impractical – plants in shallow water, wooded marshes
Physical Hand pulling individual plants

Environmental and Economic Concerns

  • Sprawling, prickly shrubs up to 15 feet tall
  • Usually found in shallow river channels or flood plains
  • Forms dense, tangled monocultures
  • Invades disturbed areas and grows over established native vegetation
  • Difficult to selectively remove from intertwined native vegetation
  • Seeds disseminated by birds increasing potential for wide and rapid dispersal

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Status of the Aquatic Plant Maintenance Program in Florida Public Waters, Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2016-2017.