Tropical American water grass

Quick Facts


Scientific name Luziola subintegra
Origin South & Central America to Mexico
Introduction First North American report
Lake Okeechobee – 2007
Aquatic community Emergent
Habitat Wet soils to floating mats
Distribution Two South Florida lakes
Management effort Eradication
2017 public waters / plant acres 2 (< 1%) / 82
2017 Waters / acres controlled 2 / 706
Luziola subintegra

Luziola subintegra

Management Options

Biological None available
Chemical Glyphosate, Imazapyr or combinations
Mechanical Not employed at this time
Physical Not employed at this time

Environmental and Economic Concerns

  • Emergent, rooted in the substrate – shallowly submersed floating mats can exist in deep water
  • Forms dense rooted stands that can alter habitats and exclude native plants
  • Fragments drift into and colonize stands of emergent plants
    • overgrow and outcompete other emergent and floating plants, including water hyacinth
    • dense floating / drifting mats shade out submersed plants
    • restrict water flow and motor boat traffic
  • Reproduces by seeds and fragments that drift to and colonize new areas
    • contribute to rapid spread and invasiveness
    • fragments easily spread by boat traffic and water movement

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Status of the Aquatic Plant Maintenance Program in Florida Public Waters, Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2016-2017.