Bambusa species

Common Name(s): Bamboo

Non-Native to Florida

There are three native bamboos in the U.S. See the Arundinaria gigantea, switch cane, for more information. Other bamboos are non-native. Some have escaped into the wild and are being managed in state parks and elsewhere.

Bamboo can spread quickly by underground rhizomes and may suddenly appear many yards away from the main stand.

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Bambusa species

Non-Native in Florida

Phyllostachys meyeri

Non-Native in Florida


Pseudosasa japonica

Non-Native in Florida

bamboobamboobamboobambooBamboo stems grew very quickly in this backyard. Many stems grew as much as 16 inches per day during one week in March 2005.

Bambusa # 1 grew 16″ per day during a 7-day period

Bambusa # 2 grew 15″ per day during a 7-day period

Read the EDIS publication, Bamboo Control, by Jason Ferrell, Mark Czarnota, and Ken Langeland.

bambooView the herbarium specimen image from the University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Projects.