Brasenia schreberi

Common Name(s): Watershield

Native to Florida

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Video Transcript

Watershield – Brasenia schreberi
Watershield has floating leaves; but its long, creeping rootstock is anchored in the mud. Watershield occurs in lakes, ponds, and slow-moving streams throughout Florida. It prefers water depths of 1 to 6 feet. Only one species of Brasenia is known. Watershield leaves are oval and shield-shaped. Its leaf stalks are attached to the centers of the leaf blades. Its submersed stalks and undersides of leaves are covered with a viscous, jelly-like substance. Its flowers are dull purple, and emerge from the water on a stalk.

  • Watershield has floating, oval leaves.
  • Leaf stalks attach at the center of leaves.
  • The obviously slimy undersides of watershield leaves is a unique characteristic of this plant.