Fuirena scirpoidea

Common Name(s): Rush fuirena

Native to Florida

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rush fuirenarush fuirenarush fuirenarush fuirena

Video Transcript

Rush fuirena – Fuirena scirpoidea
Rush fuirena grows from many lakes and ponds, into adjacent wet meadows. Rush fuirena stems grow to about 2 feet tall. The stems are jointed; there are sheaths at the joints. This plant has no leaf blades. The inflorescence of rush fuirena is at the top of the plant; and consists of 1 to 3 rather large spikelets. The spikelets are brown, blunt ovoids. They have small scales and a few short, straight bristles. Rush fuirena is about 2 feet tall. There are no leaf blades, but leaf sheaths surround the stem. The stems of this plant are jointed. At the top of the stem are 1 to 3 large ovoid spikelets.