Micranthemum species

Common Name(s): Baby's tears

Native to Florida

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Baby’s-tears is a small, creeping plant which is usually totally submersed. It grows along slow moving streams and rivers and in shallow pools. Baby’s-tears can grow in deep shade or in bright sun. Two species of Micranthemum exist in Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). Micranthemum is located throughout the southeastern US, with the exception of the micranthemoides species, which is now extinct in the northeast (Kartesz, 1999).

The stems are creeping, slender, and typically six to eight inches long. Baby’s-tears leaves are small, light-green and nearly round. The leaves are thin and succulent, and about 1/4 inch in diameter. They are opposite on the stem. Baby’s-tears flowers are very tiny white or purplish, and difficult to find.