Paspalum urvillei

Common Name(s): vasey grass

Non-Native to Florida

This medium-large grass is commonly found growing in moist, open, disturbed sites nearly throughout the state. It is native to South America and blooms from the spring to fall (Wunderlin, 2003).

Vasey grass is a NON-NATIVE grass. stems tufted, to 7 ft. tall; leaf blades long and narrow, to 2 ft. long, to 1/2 in. wide, smooth, margins smooth, long hairs at base; sheaths hairy at base of plant; ligule prominent, pointed, transparent, with hairs; inflorescence conspicuous, to 1 ft. long, 4-30 ascending overlapping branches, branches to 5 in. long; spikelets paired, in four rows, elliptic, margins with long hairs.