Rhynchospora nitens

Common Name(s): Bald-rush

Native to Florida

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swamp loosestrifeswamp loosestrifeswamp loosestrife

Rhynchospora nitens is frequently found growing in wet flatwoods, pond margins and ditches nearly throughout Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). It blooms from summer to fall.

Video Transcript

Bald-rush is most often found in wet sands of flatwoods, ditches, coastal swales and marshes, and the edges of swamps, lakes and ponds. It flowers in mid-summer to early fall.

Bald-rush is 2-1/2 – 3’ tall. Narrow, triangularly channeled leaves grow from the base of the plant, and are about 12” long and tapering to a point. Plants may have several inflorescences that are delicate panicles (many thin branches with pedicels or branchlets). Pedicels are topped with a single spikelet up to ¼” long and pointed. Spikelets have numerous brown scales. Large panicles occur at the top of the main stem, and smaller panicles may be farther down on the stem. At the base of the panicle are two relatively long, leafy bracts. The fruit of bald-rush is an extremely small nutlet.