Xyris elliottii

Common Name(s): Elliott's yellow-eyed grass

Native to Florida

This is a much smaller yellow-eyed-grass than Xyris ambigua, but they both have the distinctive yellow-eyed-grass features. Xyris elliottii is commonly found growing in flatwoods, marshes, pineland pond margins, and cypress swamps nearly throughout Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). It blooms from spring to fall and occurs almost always (estimated probability 99%) under natural conditions in wetlands.

Elliott yellow-eyed-grass is a grass. stems tuft-forming, to more than 2 ft. tall, round; leaf blades linear and long-pointed, 4-12 in. long, 1/16 in. wide, flat; inflorescence egg-shaped, to 1/2 in. long; bracts several, small; flower petals yellow, rounded, unfolding in morning; seeds tiny, translucent.