Xyris species

Common Name(s): Yellow-eyed grasses

Native to Florida

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There are several species of yellow-eyed-grasses native to Florida; about 250 world-wide. The yellow-eyed-grasses are usually first noticed by their conspicuous cone-like inflorescences having bright yellow flowers at the tops of tall stems. The flowers usually unfold in the morning. Yellow-eyed-grasses may be found growing singly or in colonies. These plants are eaten by mammals and other wildlife.

Yellow-eyed-grasses are grasses. stems tufted, 4 in. to 3 ft. tall, towering above the leaves, base sometimes bulbous, smooth or fibrous; leaf blades from base, 2-several, shiny, 2 in. to 2 ft. long, linear and strap-like, often tapering to points; inflorescences cone-like with bracts; flowers yellow or sometimes white, 3-petalled; capsule with many tiny seeds.