Regional Field Guides & Textbooks

The following annotated list of books represents many of the manuals, taxonomic guides, and field guides for identifying aquatic, wetland and invasive plants in various areas of the world. Most items cited are part of the Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Information Retrieval System (APIRS) collection.

Although most are guides to specific geographic areas, we would consider many of them to be useful no matter where you live. You may be surpised to find that many of your favorite local plants flourish elsewhere around the globe. Many of these manuals contain beautiful photographs and line drawings and are worthwhile simply for their botanical artistry. Some of the books listed are out of print and hard to come by. Our advice is if you find any one of them in your favorite used book shop, BUY IT!

There also is a list of a few useful textbooks on plant science. There are few reference books on this subject so these, too, may be useful additions to a collection.

Inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement, nor does exclusion represent criticism, of any item, organization, individual, or institution by the University of Florida.

Manuals and Field Guides by Geographic Location

Manuals and Field Guides by Author