Invasive Plant Laws

Federal Level

View the Executive Order of the President 13112 February 3, 1999 – Invasive Species

The USDA National Agriculture Library’s National Invasive Species Information Center lists laws and regulations and can be searched using many different categories.

See the USDA Lists of Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants for federal and state weed lists.

State Level

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry is the regulatory state agency responsible for the implementation of laws, rules, regulations, and various programs pertaining to plants and plant pests.

Specific Legislation (Florida)

Title XXXV Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Industry

Chapter 570 F.S. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services F.A.C. (DACS)

  • 570.07 F.S. DACS functions, powers, and duties.

Chapter 581 F.S. Division of Plant Industry F.A.C. (DPI)

  • 581.031 DPI powers and duties.
  • 581.083 Introduction or release of plant pests, noxious weeds, or organisms affecting plant life; cultivation of nonnative plants; special permit and security required.
  • 581.091 Noxious weeds and infected plants or regulated articles; sale or distribution; receipt; information to department; withholding information.
  • 581.145 Aquatic plant nursery registration; special permit requirements.— (2) It shall be unlawful for any nursery or nursery stock dealer to import, transport, cultivate, collect, sell, or possess any noxious aquatic plant listed on the prohibited aquatic plant list established by the Department of Environmental Protection in s. 369.25(3)(b) without a special permit issued by the department.

Rule: Chapter 5B-57
Introduction or Release of Plant Pests, Noxious Weeds, Arthropods, and Biological Control Agents

  • 5B-57.001       Definitions
  • 5B-57.002       Purpose
  • 5B-57.004       Introduction, Possession or Movement of Arthropods, Biological Control Agents, Plant Pests, Noxious Weeds, and Invasive Plants, Regulated by the Department
  • 5B-57.006       Regulation and Control of Noxious Weeds and Invasive Plants in Florida
  • 5B-57.007       Noxious Weed List | Download PDF
  • 5B-57.010       Noxious Weed and Invasive Plant Classification Procedures
  • 5B-57.011       Biomass Plantings
  • 5B-57.012       Casuarina cunninghamiana Windbreaks

Rule: Chapter 5B-64
Aquatic Plant Importation, Transportation, Non-Nursery Cultivation, Possession and Collection

  • 5B-64.001       Purpose
  • 5B-64.002       Definitions
  • 5B-64.003       Permit Requirements
  • 5B-64.004       Criteria for Permit Issuance
  • 5B-64.008       Enforcement and Penalties
  • 5B-64.010       Exemptions and Exclusions
  • 5B-64.011       Prohibited Aquatic Plants | Download PDF


TITLE XXVIII Natural Resources; Conservation, Reclamation, and Use

(1) This act shall be known as the “Florida Aquatic Weed Control Act.”

(2) The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shall direct the control, eradication, and regulation of noxious aquatic weeds and direct the research and planning related to these activities, as provided
in this section, so as to protect human health, safety, and recreation and, to the greatest degree practicable, prevent injury to plant and animal life and property.

(3) It shall be the duty of the commission to guide and coordinate the activities of all public bodies, authorities, agencies, and special districts charged with the control or eradication of aquatic weeds
and plants. It may delegate all or part of such functions to any appropriate state agency, special district, unit of local or county government, commission, authority, or other public body.

(4) The commission shall also promote, develop, and support research activities directed toward the more effective and efficient control of aquatic plants. (View link above to see the full text of this Act.)

  • 369.22       Aquatic Plant Management
  • 369.25       Aquatic plants; definitions; permits; powers of department; penalties.
  • 369.251     Invasive nonnative plants; prohibitions; study; removal; rules.
  • 369.252     Invasive exotic plant control on public lands.
  • 369.255     Green utility ordinances for funding greenspace management and exotic plant control.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – Division: 68

Rule: Chapter 68F-20 Aquatic Plant Control Permits

Rule: Chapter 68F-54 Funding for Aquatic Plant Management